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From learning the order of operations to figuring out equivalent fractions, 7th grade math worksheets are an effective way to teach and reinforce important foundational math concepts before students move on to high school level math. What’s more, they’re easy to make yourself, and you can add graphical representations of some problems with a little technical know-how.

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Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

These are 7th grade math subjects that translate well to worksheet practice. You can easily use a word processing program to list problems that, for example, ask students to convert fractions to decimals, percentages to decimals, or any other combination. You can also combine each exercise into one problem, such as 1/4 = [decimal] = [percentage]. These problems can be complemented by images as well to aid understanding, such as shapes divided according to the portions in the problem, and with relevant sections colored in.


Factoring is an important skill students will need heading into algebra during high school. Beyond that, factoring is a basic skill necessary for a number of professions, and will stretch the mind’s capacity for logical thinking, generally, as breaking down expressions into simpler components applies to many topics in technical fields, non-technical fields, and everyday life.

Worksheets for finding factors are easy to create as well. You can start students off with simple problems that ask students to find all the factors for one number. Then, you can include problems that ask students for the greatest common factor or the common factor between two numbers. A sample problem:

Find the greatest common factor of 100 and 60. (The answer being 20)

Pythagorean Theorem

Introducing students to right triangles and finding the length of their sides can make a great worksheet activity as well. These worksheets call for the incorporation of triangle images, giving an extra dimension to engage students rather than being a page full of numbers and text. You can create triangles yourself in a word processing program, and then label two of the sides. Color the triangles in and use colorful borders and shading effects to make them more attractive.

When creating worksheets, don’t forget to consider your state’s common core requirements for seventh grade math, such as ratios, order of operations, and basic geometry. Practicing these skills is a great way to help students fulfill the common core standards.


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