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An APA outline template is a document that details research completed by it’s author in a format that uses roman numerals followed by letters and then numbers when breaking down a topic. The template is constructed of three (3) main parts; Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

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Writing the Outline


APA Outline Template Sample | PDF | RTF | Word

The outline will consist mostly of headings and subheadings, which represent your main ideas and supporting ideas. You should also include a thesis statement, which is your overarching claim. After formulating a thesis, figure out the supporting arguments for the thesis. Once you have figured these out, you can begin to outline.

Write “Thesis:” at the top of your outline and then write your thesis after it. For each supporting argument, write a Roman numeral on the left side of your paper. You can also let the introduction with thesis be the first Roman numeral heading. Then for each argument or fact that supports those claims, write capital letters under each corresponding Roman numeral indented 0.5 inches. If you need to include information under one of these letters, use Arabic numerals. Here is a brief example of part of an outline:

I. Introduction

A. (Thesis) The Vietnam War compelled the USSR to spend much more money on its military

B. [supporting claims]

II. Supporting claim 1

A. Evidence/reasons that claim is true

1. Facts

2. Other Facts

B. Evidence/reasons that claim is true

III. Supporting claim 2

A. Evidence/reasons that claim is true

IV. Conclusion


You can format your outline in the same way the APA calls for papers to be formatted, with the following:

  • 12-point font size
  • 1-inch margins all around
  • Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced text
  • First page should include name, instructor’s name, title of course, title of paper, date


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