Download Arkansas Department of Finance and Administartion Tax Forms

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Arkansas Department of Finance and Administartion Tax Forms

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The state of Arkansas has mandated that all tax preparation professionals that have been accepted into the IRS E-File program are approved automatically to electronically submit Arkansas returns. No other process of approval is required.

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Arkansas Tax Brackets

In Arkansas there are twelve (12) marginal tax brackets. These brackets range from the lowest Arkansas tax bracket of 1.00% to the highest state tax bracket of 7.00%. Each marginal tax bracket in Arkansas will be the same for single and married filed jointly. Arkansas has updated tax brackets for the 2013 tax year. Be certain you are using the current 2013 tax brackets.



Earnings between $0.00 and $4,099 1.00%
Earnings between $4,099.00 and $8,199 2.50% plus $40.99
Earnings between $8,199.00 and $12,199 3.50% plus $143.49
Earnings between $12,199.00 and $20,399 4.50% plus $283.49
Earnings between $20,399.00 and $33,999 6.00% plus $652.49
Earnings over $33,999.00+ 7.00% plus $1,468.49


You may file an extension for your Arkansas state tax return by completing form AS1055. You must file prior to the April 15th tax due date. Should you file for a federal extension you will be eligible to receive the same extension time allotted as you’re allowed with your federal extension.

You may send your extension form to:

  • Individual Income Tax Section ATTN: Extension P.O. Box 3628 -Little Rock, AR 72203-3628

Where to Send Arkansas State Tax Returns?

For Individual Tax Returns:

  • Arkansas State Income Tax P.O. Box 1000 -Little Rock, AR 72203-1000

For Returns without Refunds:

  • Arkansas State Income Tax P.O. Box 2144 -Little Rock, AR 72203-2144

For Estimates

  • Department of Finance and Administration, Income Tax Section P.O. Box 9941 – Little Rock, AR 72203-9941


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