Download Arkansas Name Change Forms – PDF Templates

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Arkansas Name Change Forms – PDF Templates

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Changing your name in Arkansas for any reason you like is under the state statue code 9-2-101 and also 9-2-102. There are are many personal reasons a person can have for wanting to change their name; and the state of Arkansas understands that. Just as long as you follows the steps to legally change your name there shouldn’t be any problems. 

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Instructions for an Adult Name Change

  • Step 1

Meet the minimum requirements to file a petition for a name change in Arkansas which is being 18 years of age; a resident for 6 months or more; if just married or divorced be sure to bring all originals for that as well. If you meet all the minimum requirements; you can now fill out a petition to change your name you can go to the local Superior Court or the county court clerks office to get this form.

Please be aware that if you choose to pick up the form; that it must be completed using BLACK INK ONLY.

  • Step 2

Its time to get your petition notarized be sure to sign in front of a notary and make a few copies afterward. Notary’s can be found at any branch bank; even better if you have an account at a particular branch bank you can get this service done free. You may now go to file your petition at the county clerks office; this will be $140 filing fee for processing. Sometime after you should have to fill out an Order Name Change which will go before a judge. You may or may not be given a court hearing; its dependent on your current marital status; and in this case the judge will just be interested in why you want to change your name.

  • Step 3

The county clerks office will be in charge of getting in touch with you about your order name change being signed and authorized by a judge, and when you can come pick it up. By Arkansas State Law you must let all legal institutions know of your new legal name status.

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