Download Arkansas Notary Public Forms

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A Notary Public in the State of Arkansas acts as an unbiased and official witness to assist in the identity of a person whether the person is taking oath, providing oral or written testimony or acknowledging one’s signature on any legal document.

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  • Requirements
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be a legal resident of the state of Arkansas or the legal resident of an adjoining state and be employed inside the state of Arkansas- (Commission will be issued in the county of residence or employment and will be valid for the entire state of Arkansas.)
  • Must be a United States Citizen or a legal alien resident. If you are a legal alien resident, you mus complete a Declaration of Domicile form.
  • Must be able to read and write in the English language.
  • Must not have had any commission revocations within the last 10 years of the date of the application.

How to Apply to Be a Notary Public in Arkansas

Step 1 – Notary Application – Complete the application form as provided above from the Secretary of State of Arkansas. You will be required to have your application signed and witnessed before a notary.

Step 2 – Bond Purchase – Arkansas applicants for the office of Notary Public, are required to purchase a $7,500 bond 10 year bond inasmuch as Arkansas Notaries are commissioned for 10 year intervals at which point you will again be required to apply for new commission. You may locate Notary bonding companies or insurance agents, by referring to your local yellow page directory or online. You may check with your insurance agent to see if they provide such services.

Step 3 – Submission of Documents – Once you have received your bonding, prepare an envelope with the following documents:

  • Completed, notarized Notary Public Application
  • Surety bond documentation
  • Enclose a check or money order in the amount of $20.00 payable to the Secretary of State
  • Enclose a Declaration of Domicile as required IF you are a permanent resident

Send documents to:
Secretary of State
Business and Commercial Services
State Capitol , Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1094

Step 4 – County Filing of Documents – Once you’ve received your Certification/Oath Form, you must file it along with your boding documentation with the county clerk’s office in the county you either reside or are employed in. You will then need to return the Certification Form to the Secretary of State’s office.

Step 5 – Order Your Official Seal and Supplies – Once you have ordered your official seal and you’ve received it, you will be ready to do business as a Notary Public.



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