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The birthday party planning checklist allows a person to schedule events weeks in advance the celebration of a new birth year for any adult or child. The person that is organizing the party should take into account the following;

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  • One Month Before
    • Set the exact date of the celebration
    • If there is a theme, the decision should be made at this time
    • Determine the budget
    • If it should be a surprise, do not send out invitations until the date comes closer
  • 3 Weeks Before
    • Mail or create E-Mail invitations
    • Order flowers or any equipment/setup that will take time
    • Begin speaking with a rental company if furniture is needed
    • Decide on catering options
  • 2 Weeks Before
    • Create place cards
    • Plan the menu if catering has been selected and print
    • Draft a timeline for each dish and when it will be served
    • Prepare to pickup menu items that may be frozen
  • 1 Week Before
    • Follow-up with guests that have not committed
    • Begin purchasing alcohol including beers, wines, and spirits
    • Choose a music genre that matched the crowd
  • 2 Days Before
    • Buy groceries and bar accessories
    • Begin setting place cards and the seating arrangement
    • Glassware, serving pieces and silverware should be cleaned and prepared
  • 1 Day Before
    • Pickup and arrange flowers
    • Prep any fruit and vegetables
    • Prepare, iron, and set all table linens
    • Prepare parking arrangements
    • Marinate meat
  • The Day of
    • Purchase ice and chill all alcohol
    • Slice fruit for the drinks and prepare all food
    • Make sure all guest bathrooms are stocked
    • Take care of any and all holes that are not filled


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