Download Chinese Gender Predictor Charts

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Chinese Gender Predictor Charts

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The Chinese Gender Chart is a way to predict your baby’s gender. It is largely based on the mother’s exact time of birth and the exact date and time of the baby’s conception.

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How to Use

The Chinese consider a newborn baby to be one year old at the time of birth, based on the time a baby is considered to have spent in her mother’s womb. So, in order to use The Chinese Gender Chart, there is some work to be done to convert the mother’s Western age to the appropriate age for use here. Interestingly, the geographical longitude at which the mother was born is also a factor in this determination. Making this adjustment is a well-know necessity when crafting a reconciliation between Western and Chinese ways of thinking, and there are many online sources as well as human consultants who can assist you with this necessary conversion.

Next, you must determine the lunar month of conception. This is somewhat different from the Western concept of a month. Here, too, there are many sources, human, online and in print, to help with making this adjustment.

The Chinese Gender Chart itself is broken up into twelve columns, one for each lunar month. Then there is one row for each year of the mother’s life, as reckoned by the Chinese.

To use the chart, find the row corresponding to the Mother’s age in years. Move across the chosen row until you get to the column corresponding to the lunar month of conception. The contents of the unique space defined by the intersection of the correct row and column will identify the predicted gender of the infant.

The Chinese Gender Chart is estimated to be at least 700 years old, and was considered to be 90% accurate. As you delve into the sources of this wisdom, you will find many very useful hints as to how to predict the day your infant will be born, as well as predictions of the difficulty or ease of the birth.

In recent times, it has become possible to definitively know the gender of a fetus by direct observation through the use of the ultrasound machine, so the chart has fallen into disuse.

The nature of this test is such that there is absolutely no risk at all to either the mother or her infant. It is so effective in predicting gender that a typical elementary school classroom in China will contain as many as ten boys for every seven girls. Parents simply abort unwanted female fetuses. The consequences of this disastrous gender imbalance portend cataclysmic consequences for China and for the world at large.


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