Download Fillable DA Form 200 – Transmittal Form

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The DA Form 200, also referred to as the “transmittal record”, is a US Army form used for recording the transmitting records of a shipment. The DA Form 200 is used to record the shipping process of army property sent from a shipper to a receiver, and is filled out by the shipper.

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  • The form is not to be confused with DD Form 200, which is used if government property is damaged, lost or stolen.

How to Fill Out

On the top line of the DA Form 200, you will find Box 1 and Box 2. In the former, the security classification of the shipment is noted, and it, of course, will determine the method of shipment that must be used. Box 2 is for the record number of the shipment. The next line contains boxes 3, 4 and 5. Here, the shipment is further identified, and relevant shipping dates are entered.

The next line of the DA Form 200 identifies the authority under which he shipment is being made and quantities of records. Below that, the next line contains contact information. Directly below that are Boxes 10 and 11. Here the shipper indicates where the shipment is coming from and where it is going. Box 11 also has a sub-box entitled “Return Receipt Requested”, which is checked if the shipper need to have a copy of this form copied, signed and sent back to the shipper by the receiver.

Boxes 10a and 11a take up the next line of the DA Form 200. Here, the names of the sender and receiver, respectively, are to be typed. Underneath is a line composed of Boxes 10b and 11b. The former must contain the signature of the sender, and the latter the signature of the receiver and the date.

In Box 12, you will indicate the type of media being transmitted. The choices are Hard Copy, Punched Cards, Cassettes, Microfilm, Photo, and Fiche. There is room in Box 12 to write in any other type of media being used, if the choices offered don’t cover the shipment. Boxes 13 and 14, which occupy the next line of DA Form 200, are there to record the number of packages and the number of items.

Box 15 ranges over three lines, and it is here that the method of shipment is indicated. The enumerated choices are Courier, First Class Mail, Parcel Post, Express Mail, and Registered Mail. Again, there is room to indicate an alternate shipping method if one need be employed.

Box 16 is a large, blank box with enough room for any special instructions. Below that on DA Form 200 is Box 17, which is entitled “Type Component Used”, which is meant to be filled in for data that is magnetically recorded. Finally, the last box, Box 18, is left free for remarks.


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