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Use the GapBanana Republic, and Old Navy job application to request a job at any store location. The corporate website usually is not up to speed with the latest openings so it is best for any potential employee to apply directly in the store.

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How to Apply

Step 1 – Complete Application – The first and most important step is to complete with the physical application either on your computer, after printing out (recommended) or applying online.

Step 2 – Find a Store – It is always best to go to the store that work is desired from the hours of opening until 2pm as this is usually when the veteran manager will be working who is generally in charge of hiring.

Step 3 – Go Inside – It is best to dress appropriately and ask politely when entering for the manager or person in charge of hiring. He or she will speak with you when there is time available which can take up to 30 minutes. When he or she arrives all available opening (if any) will typically be said and the application will be accepted. If the qualifications are met with the form provided a follow-up interview may be arranged through the contact information on the form.


Download (PDF, 85KB)

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