Download Hold Harmless Agreement Templates and Sample

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Use the hold harmless agreement to allow someone or a group of people to be able to hold themselves only accountable for any negligence or liability that may occur. This is typical for excursions but may be used for any type of service, work to be completed (contractor), event, or any type of atmosphere where accountability may exist.

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  • Simple – A standard form that allows a person to not be held liable for anything that happens to them for taking part in a type of action, event, or electing someone else to represent their interests.
  • Equine – Allows a person to handle horses knowing the full risks that they may be affected by accidental injury. The form allows for no exposure on the horse owner’s part for any medical injuries (if any) suffered will not be liable for payment.
  • SubContractor – Allows a subcontractor to hold harmless and indemnify a general contractor and owner. Usually insurance of up to One-Million Dollars ($1,000,000) is required.


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