Download Illinois Articles of Incorporation Forms

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The Illinois articles of incorporation forms can be completed either online ($281.25) or by filing using the standard paper applications in order to setup a corporation in the State. All payments and forms must be submitted to the Secretary of State’s office.

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Corporation Name Availability – This must be used prior to forming to verify that the new entity being created does not match any other listings in the database. The number one (1) reason an application is rejected is because the name closely or is exactly similar to another on file with the Secretary of State.

How to File

Option 1 – Apply Online Use the Secretary of State’s CyberDrive system that allows an applicant to pay a premium and file the articles of incorporation instantly. The fee is $281.25 which will be paid by credit card at the end of completing all the fields necessary. This process also expedites the filing and you will receive the completed corporation within 5 to 7 business days.

Option 2 – File Paper Form – Choose from the list below which type of corporation best matches the type you are trying to create;

  •  Most CommonDomestic Profit – For all standard businesses that will have their principal office located in the State.
  • Domestic Non-Profit – To start a non-profit corporation that will be located in the State.
  • Medical – For specific corporations that will have a special license from the State to operate as a health care office.
  • Close – Allows a corporation to have the tax benefits of a partnership (if elected) but can be no more than 35 shareholders.
  • Professional Service – For specific corporations that have a special license from the State for professional services such as a law office.
  • Foreign Profit – Also known as the ‘Application for Authority to Transact Business’, allows a corporation located outside the State seeking to do business in Illinois.
  • Foreign Non-Profit – For any non-profit corporation in existence in another State seeking to establish and conduct business in Illinois.

Profit Corporations – Make a check payable to the Illinois Secretary of State for the following amount which is calculated as: $150 filing fee + $25 franchise tax fee + $1.50 per $1,000 of invested capital.

Non-Profit Corporations – Attach a check payable to the Illinois Secretary of State for $50.

Send the fee attached with the completed form to the following address:

Department of Business Services
501 S. Second St., Rm. 350
Springfield, IL 62756

Contact Information

  • Telephone – 1(217) 782-9522
  • E-Mail


  • Employer Identification Number – Also known as simply an ‘EIN’ allows a corporation to setup a bank account and apply for credit cards. The number is obtained from the IRS either through their paper form or online free.
  • Corporate Bylaws – This is a legal form that is recommended and sometimes required by a corporation to detail the day to day operations of the entity.


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