Download Illinois Bill of Sale Forms

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Illinois Bill of Sale Forms

The Illinois bill of sale forms are use to change the ownership of a vehicle or vessel in Illinois. Both buyer and seller must authorize and the new owner must register and document the sale with the local Secretary of State’s office. Registration must be completed within twenty (20) days.

Reporting the Sale of a Vehicle

After the sale has been complete the buyer must inform the Secretary of State by sending the report of sale form to the following address;

Secretary of State
Vehicle Services Department
Record Inquiry Division
501 S. Second St., Rm. 408
Springfield, IL 62756

How to Register a Vehicle

  1. Complete the Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190) – After complete, print the document.
  2. Gather and complete the following documents
    • Bill of Sale
    • Odometer Disclosure
    • Title – With the seller’s authorization and stating the transfer to the new owner
    • Calculate the tax by viewing the chart
    • Contact the local Secretary of State office to see what the fees will be
  3. Go to the office in your area – Find Here

If at anytime the applicant would like to check their status they may do so by entering their VIN number.