Download Incident Report Form Templates | PDF

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Incident Report Form Templates | PDF

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Download incident report templates in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word to notify a higher authority or administration of a previous action or event that had taken place.

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  • School Incident Report Template – Use this form to accurately report an incident with a student that occurred on school grounds. Anyone who may have seen the event should be asked to report exactly what they saw in an effort to document exactly what happened. Once completed this should be returned to the proper authorities or law enforcement if any illegal activities took place.
  • Employee Incident Report Template – Report an occurrence at the workplace by completing this form which will allow you to get any and all testimonies from witnesses and/or victims. This form once complete should be reported and sent to the supervisor and if any laws were broken to the appropriate legal authorities.
  • Police Incident Report Template – Use the following document to report a situation to the authorities or use as law enforcement to detail an event that transpired. This form is legal for use provided by the General Services Administration (GSA).
  • Security Incident Report Template – Allows a person to be able to formally inform administration or guards of a situation that previously took place. Be sure to include all details in the report and make note of all witnesses and persons involved.
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