Download Maryland Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Maryland Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Use the Maryland power of attorney forms to either grant someone else the monetary or health care power to act in your presence for any decision that is related. Must be authorized with at least two witnesses present (with no relation to either party) Notary present in order to be legal and the forms may only be allowed for use within the State of Maryland.

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Form Descriptions

  • Statutory Limited – Lets a person residing within the State to allow someone else to handle specific monetary related decisions on someone else’s behalf. The principal, when filling out the form, must initial every line associated with an act that he or she would like the agent to have the power to do.
  • Durable Personal Financial – Most common power of attorney document within the State that allows a person (“principal”) to grant unlimited and unrestricted power to another person (“Attorney-in-Fact”) over the use of financial decisions and actions.
  • Medical (Advance Directive) – Use to elect a person to be able to make medical decisions on your behalf and as you instruct when completing the form. After it has been completely filled in, you and your selected agent must authorize with a notary public present.
  • Tax (IRS 2848) – According to the comptroller, Maryland will accept the IRS 2848 tax power of attorney document for any filings within the State.



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