Download Nevada Power of Attorney Forms – Laws

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Nevada power of attorney lets a person choose someone else to be able to make financial or medical decisions on behalf of his or her best interests. It is very important that the Agent selected is someone that is trustworthy as he or she will be able to make decisions on your behalf with or without your consent.

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  • Durable Statutory (Financial) – Use this document to elect a person to handle any type of monetary decision on your behalf. All situations must be met with the Principal’s best interest in mind and the document must be notarized in order to become legal.
  • Medical (Financial) – This document allows for a person to select a health care representative to represent his or her interests in the chance they cannot do so for themselves due to a medical condition.
  • Motor Vehicle (DMV VP-136) – Use to handle another person’s vehicle that he or she owns located within the State of Nevada to sell or register with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. In order to get this designation, the person selected and the Principal must authorize this form in front of a Notary Public.
  • Tax (Form 4556) – Use this to allow an employee or any other type of representative (CPA or tax attorney is recommended) to file taxes on your behalf. Must be signed and dated to be legal.


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