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Two very important items on any new hire checklist are the new employee’s completed and signed W-4 and I-9 forms, which are both required by the government. The W-4 has the information that you, as an employer, must have in order to know how much pay you must withhold from the employee on each pay period for tax purposes. The purpose of the I-9 is to verify the employee’s identity, and to confirm his or her right to legally work in the U.S. Contrary to popularly held belief, the I-9 is required of citizens and non-citizens alike.

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If you operate in a state that has a separate state withholding tax form, a copy of this, too, must be completed by the employee and kept on file.

One of the documents that the new employee can use to verify his or her identity when filling out the I-9 is a driver’s license. Making a Xerox copy of the diver’s license and keeping it on file is also highly desirable.

How to Use a New Hire Checklist

  • High on the list of musts on your New Hire Checklist is making clear notes of employee data for the individual. This includes salary information, current address, phone number, as well as Email address and cell phone number. It is also very important to keep emergency contact information in a manner in which it can be swiftly retrieved if necessary.
  • If your company makes direct deposit available to employees, this will be great time saver for both parties. The employee should be strongly encouraged to participate, and you should have him signup as part of your new employee’s on-boarding process.
  • Keeping the original, signed copy of the employee’s initial job application is also an important item on the New Hire Checklist. If the new employee submitted a list of references during the job application process, it, too, must be kept on file.
  • Your company may offers benefits such as life insurance, health and or dental insurance to new employees. If so, he or she should fill out applications for his or her choices, and you must submit these to the appropriate carriers and keep copies for your company human resources files.
  • If your company offers free parking to employees, obtaining the new hire’s application for this most helpful benefit should part of the New Hire Checklist. Alternatively, if your company is based in a central city and you offer a discounted public transit voucher of some sort, the employee’s application for this benefit should be obtained on the date of hire.
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