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The release of liability auto accident form is used in an effort to avoid a costly legal battle, both parties to an auto accident in the United States may agree to settle out of court. One party will agree to pay another party a set amount in consideration of the damages that occurred as a consequence of the accident.

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How to Fill-In

The Release of Liability Auto Accident is available in many different versions. Each of the fifty states offers state specific versions, and there are other versions available from major law firms that are valid in all the states. What they all have in common is that one side pays the other a specific amount of monetary compensation. In return, the side that receives the compensation releases the other from any future liability for monetary compensation. That side also releases the other side from any criminal liability, as far as it is in his or her power to do so.

In the Release of Liability Auto Accident form, the individual who suffered injury in an auto accident will acknowledge that for a specific payment, the Payee releases the Payer from all further monetary obligations in regards to the accident. The date of the accident is unambiguously stated.

The very first numbered paragraph of the Release of Liability Auto Accident form states that the settlement will stand even if new difficulties in relation to the accident, unknown at the time, manifest themselves in the future. The second paragraph restates that the agreement covers all consequences of the accident, and the third paragraph emphatically states that the dollar amount agreed on is the full and only compensation the Payee will receive in consideration of the accident.

The fourth numbered paragraph of the Release of Liability Auto Accident form states that this release of liability is complete and that the purpose of this Release is to avoid litigation is the future. The award will stand as complete, even if it is later claimed by the Releasor to be inadequate.

The fifth numbered paragraph of the Release of Liability Auto Accident form reiterates the fact that the release of liability is a result of compromise between the parties. The Releasee makes no sort of admission of liability in any case. In the sixth paragraph, the Releasor acknowledges that even if he or she needs to divide the agreed on sum with another entity, it in no way affects the finality and validity of the agreement. Th seventh paragraph of the form affirms that the agreed on sum is settlement for all claims and counterclaims regarding the incident.

The eighth paragraph of the Release of Liability Auto Accident form affirms that this agreement has no effect on any claims the Releasor might have against any other party to the accident. The final paragraph affirms that Releasor assigns to the Releasee all claims to any further claims made in regard to the accident.

Finally, the Release of Liability Auto Accident form must be signed in front of a Notary, who must sign as a witness.

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