Download Rhode Island Power of Attorney Forms – PDF

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Rhode Island power of attorney forms allow for the specific designation of a person (an option for a secondary may also be chosen) to handle any type of financial, medical, or State tax filing on a person’s behalf. All forms must be completed and signed with either two (2) adult witnesses or a notary public at hand.

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Durable – Otherwise known as the ‘Statutory Short Form’, this type of power of attorney allows a person to be able to handle another’s financial decisions as long as it is to his or her best interests (See State Laws). Due to the significance of this designation, the form is highly recommended to be signed in front of a notary although under State Law it has to be witnessed by a minimum of two (2) persons.

Health Care – Use to create a health care surrogate that will be able to handle any type of medical decision on your behalf if in the circumstance you may not be able to for yourself. Complete and sign the document in the presence of either an notary or two (2) witnesses for it to be considered valid for use.

*If the person would rather select their end of life treatment options without the use of an agent, the living will should be completed.

Tax Filing (RI-2848) – Choose someone to handle your tax filing with the Department of Revenue in Rhode Island by authorizing this form and granting the other person the power to do so. This must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public and is only valid for that specific tax year. The completed document must be attached to your filing upon submission to the State of Rhode Island.


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