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Service Contract Templates | PDF | RTF | Word

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Service contract templates may be modified for the use of the following but not limited to; residential, vehicle, lawn, personal or any commercial service in which payment is guaranteed upon the delivery of work. The agreement is in pursuant with the Service Contract Act of 1965 and is available for use in all fifty (50) States.

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How to Complete a Service Contract

Step 1 – Identify the individual or business providing the service and the individual or entity receiving, otherwise known as the ‘Vendor’.

Step 2 – State the proposal including;

  • Services that will be rendered
  • Beginning Date
  • End Date
  • Scope of Services
  • Background Information on Project
  • Costs including Supplies
  • Contract Period

Step 3 – Once the parties have come to an agreement, they both should sign in front of a witness or notary public to ensure legality although not required.

Download (PDF, 256KB)


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