Download Simple Resignation Letter Template

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Use the resignation letter template to easily fill on your computer for any type of job position. Complete, print, and sign. It is always a good idea to grant your employer notice so he or she can fill and train the position before you leave a position.

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How to Resign in a Professional Manner

Step 1 – Draft a letter. This should be in a simple format that clearly states to your employer your intentions of leaving the company or institution. It is recommended to include a period of at least two (2) weeks and up to a month of time where you are able to train any new person(s) that will be taking over your day-to-day duties. Keep in mind that you may need a reference from this employer at a later date.

  • When writing your name at the bottom, it is best to sign the form personally.

Step 2 – Send. It is appropriate to send the letter via E-Mail, Standard Mail, Fax, or Hand-Delivered.

Step 3 – Response. Wait for your employer to see how they feel about your future absence. Make sure to let them know that you are willing to help in any way for a proper transition.

Download (PDF, 33KB)

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