Download Texas Power of Attorney Forms

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Texas power of attorney allows for the designation of someone else to be made in order to make monetary or health care related decisions on your behalf. All forms must be signed in front of a Notary Public and after completion they should be held in a safe accessible place ready for use at anytime.

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Form Descriptions

Durable – This is the official (Statutory) form that allows a person to handle any and all financially related activity on your behalf. All decisions made must be in your best interest and in order to get power of attorney you and your selected Agent must sign the document in front of 2 non blood related witnesses or a certified Notary Public which can be found at every branch bank in the USA. For specific laws see the Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act.

Medical – Allows a person to handle another’s health care needs if he or she cannot speak for themselves. The document, in order to be good for use, must be completed before such an event should take place and signed in the witness of 2 non-blood related family members or a Notary Public.

Vehicle – Allows for a person that owns a vehicle located in Texas to appoint someone else to assign, transfer, or sell a vehicle within the State. All decisions must be made to the best interest of the Principal and the document must be signed by the owner for it to become valid.

Tax – Allows for a person to choose a tax professional to handle their filing with the Comptroller in Texas. Make sure to choose a person that is educated in the State tax code as the Principal will have to bear any and all liabilities for errors made.

Parental Guardianship – For the selecting of a qualified individual to handle the responsibilities of the educational and medical care of a minor child.

Revocation – Use to cancel any of the above power of attorney forms.


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