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The Wizard of Oz eBook

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Author – L. Frank Baum
Illustrator – W. W. Denslow
Genre – Fiction (Detective)
Date – 1900
Pages – 259

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The Wizard of Oz is a classic fairytale that was recently re-released as a part of Project Gutenberg. Books released under this project are free to download, share and re use with almost no restrictions. The eBook was released under the title, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz “on July 1, 2008. Its the 55th book in this Project and L. Frank Baum is credited as the author for this version. The eBook is available in English language.


The story revolves around the adventures of Dorothy, when her house in Kansas prairies is blown away by a cyclone. Her desire to return back to her home and to her beloved uncle and aunt forms the crux of the story. During her journey, she is joined by Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion. Every character has a wish to be fulfilled. The Scarecrow wants brains, the Tinman wants a heart and the Lion wants to be courageous. They all decide to visit the great wizard of Oz to get their desires fulfilled. However the meeting with the Oz throws up yet another twist in the tale. Dorothy and the gang have to fight and end the wicked witch of West, to have an audience with the Great Oz and subsequently, their desires fulfilled

The journey from the Emerald city of Oz, with OZ, Dorothy and the rest of the gang is filled with whole chapters of adventures that include flying monkeys, a balloon journey, attack by fighting trees, the journey through China and finally the way to Glinda, the Good witch. The story then proceeds with Glinda fulfilling their wishes and how each one selects a new role and begins afresh.

The story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is aimed at children and grownups alike. It tells us about human qualities and our interaction with those around us. Also, it’s a yet another classic where good defeats evil and everyone ends with a happy ending. The story not only dwells in fantasy but also stays true to basic human values like kindness, courage and quick thinking. Kids across the world love this story for its adventures, the twists and not to mention, the vivid imagination that makes this beautiful book a classic.

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