Download the Current Veridian Credit Union Swap Sheet | PDF

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The Veridian Swap Sheet is offered by the Veridian Credit Union, formerly known as the John Deere Employees Credit Union, located in Waterloo, Iowa. As a service to its Iowa members, it offers the Veridian Swap Sheet, by which the members can list items for sale. While only Iowans who are members of the credit union can post, anyone can view the Veridian Swap Sheet and make offers to purchase.

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How to Download

Sample Swapsheet

Sample Swapsheet

The Veridian Swap Sheet is available online and in print. The online version is found through the Veridian Credit Union’s website. At the top right of the page, simply point and click at the words “Swap Sheet” to get there. As you peruse the online pages of the Veridian Swap Sheet, credit union options are always posted, but they are unobtrusive, they don’t take up an inordinate amount of space, and they won’t get in the way of your shopping experience.

Most items offered for sale on the Veridian Swap Sheet are offered for a monetary price, and some barter arraignments are also possible. Specific categories excluded are auto repairs, rental property and most types of services.

Once you’ve pointed and clicked your way into the Veridian Swap Sheet, you’ll find an exceptionally easy to read user interface which is a pure pleasure to navigate through. The member’s advertisements are divided into nine sections, and some of the sections will have subsections within. The nine sections are: Vehicles, Household Items, Sporting Goods, Farm Items, Wanted, Free, Garage Sales, Real Estate, and finally, Lost Pets.


  • The Vehicles section has subsections corresponding to types of vehicles. These include Cars and Vans, Trucks, Trailers, SUVs, RVs/RV Equipment, Boats and Watercraft, Motorcycles, Vehicle Parts an Other Vehicles.
  • The Household Items section is for items used to furnish a home and to improve home life. These sections Appliances, Collectibles, Electronics, Furniture, Clothing and Apparel, Children’s Items, Lawn and Garden, Materials and Tools and as a catchall, Miscellaneous.
  • The Real Estate section, curiously, does not list apartments or houses for rent. The sections it does include are Acreages, Land/Lots, Homes, Mobile Homes and also an Others section.
  • The Sporting Goods section is subdivided into sections for Guns and Hunting, Fitness Equipment, Bicycles and a final section for Other Sporting Goods. The Free Section, rather appealingly is subdivided into only two sections, one for free pets and the other for everything else.
  • Finally, the sections for Garage Sales, Farm Items, Lost pets and the Wanted sections are not subdivided. The Wanted Section is a bit different, because here people list what they like to buy rather than what they hope to sell.
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