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Work Order Form | Fillable | PDF | WORD | RTF

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A Work Order Form is a written statement authorizing specific work to be done, either internally within an organization or on behalf of a client or customer. It is often created in response to a sales order from the client or customer or as a result of a request for service from a resident, tenant, or from some other internal stakeholder. The purpose of this document, whether it exists as a printed form or as a notification on a computerized system, is to specify exactly what service needs to be delivered to the requester or customer, by whom it is to be provided, and, occasionally, by what time the task must be completed.

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The Work Order Form is issued by the organization providing the service. Its topmost portion will feature the company’s name, address, phone number, and nowadays, Email address and website URL. When organizations issue a work order, they typically identify it with a work order number, which also must appear prominently on the top of the Work Order Form, along with the date of its issuance. The customer, too, must be unambiguously identified, both by name, and typically, by a customer id number.

Word Order Form Sections

The next section of our work order form will be a detailed description of the work or service to be preformed. If the organization has predefined descriptions of oft-repeated processes, they can be referred to here to save space and avoid needless repetition.

Because the billing address and the address where the service is to be performed are often different, there must be separate billing addresses and shipping addresses. The service to be delivered must be described in detail. And, because components or parts are usually required in order to successfully complete the service, they too must be included in the Work Order Form. This section starts with one line for each product and service needed to complete the task.

If the work to be performed is billed to the customer by the hour, that line must have one space to briefly describe the labor, and another to state the hourly rate charged. There will also be a space on that line to input how many hours of labor the customer will be charged for. There will be a place on this to include the total for this labor by multiplying the rate times the hourly charge. Describing the cost for a part needed to complete the service follows a similar pattern.

Below this section is a cost summary. The total for parts and labor is arrived at, and tax is included if applicable. Any special considerations are enumerated.

Finally, there are spaces on the Work Order Form for customer to sign and date, acknowledging that the service has been provided.


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