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YouTube is the world’s leading video-sharing website, YouTube lets users upload nearly any type of videos imaginable, from user-generated and amateur videos, to TV clips, video blogs, music videos, and even some films. Users can upload videos of up to 12 minutes, but some users with a verified history of complying with the site’s rules may upload much longer videos. Keeping up with technology, the site enables users to upload large files and offers the capability to display video that is well beyond 1080p resolution.

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Of course, the site has become an integral part of the Internet, and it handles roughly 20% of Internet traffic at certain times of day. This has made the site a powerful tool for nearly any organization or individual, from companies marketing themselves to would-be celebrities sharing personal opinions whoever would listen.

Without a fee to upload videos, YouTube is a great way for small and startup businesses to promote themselves and take advantage of the sea of traffic. Interest groups and politicians have taken note as well. Members of the U.S. Government communicate by uploading videos to the site. Some have even argued that the video-sharing site will facilitate a revolution in learning by allowing educators to communicate with anyone face to face.

YouTube’s Apps

Apps for YouTube allow users to incorporate the website’s functions and additional functions into their mobile experience. For example, among other features, the Android app allows users to:

  • Find videos with voice search suggestions
  • Access playlists
  • Share videos through social networking sites
  • Use “what to watch” recommendations

Apple’s YouTube app lets users easily access playlists, make and delete comments, and share and like videos.

Recent updates to the apps have fixed bugs and added major functional features. Now users can search for playlists, and the new menu design has tabs for history, uploads, playlists, and favorites at the top of the screen, allowing easier access to these. In addition, YouTube rolled out a new multi-window display. This lets users play a video and then drag it to the corner of their screen, where it will continue to play, but the user can do anything else on the site while the video is playing on screen, such as browsing through a list of videos.

With YouTube’s app updates, smartphone users are sure to enjoy the widest variety of videos the Internet has to offer.

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