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30-Day Diet Plan | PDF

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Thirty days is not enough time to lose a large amount of fat, but you can get rid of the last few pounds toward your goal body in one month. You can also use a 30-day diet to jumpstart a long-term diet plan.

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First, you need to consider your goals for the diet. Do you simply want to lose as much fat as possible? Or are you a serious weight lifter who needs to preserve muscle while trimming fat?

Meal Plan Details

Muscle-preservation diet

For weightlifters, eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is essential when dieting in order to avoid losing muscle. Restricting your calories will cause you to lose some muscle, but the more protein you eat, the less muscle you will lose. This requires the consumption of a lot of lean protein: egg whites, chicken, fish, etc. Protein shakes are great to meet your protein needs when you can’t be bothered to cook.

Keep your consumption of carbohydrates relatively low: around 100 to 150 grams per day, and focus on nutritious, fiber-rich whole grains.

In addition, make sure to consume plenty of vegetables, especially green veggies, to fulfill your vitamin and nutrient needs while you are eating fewer calories and add in lots of antioxidants. Eat one to two servings of fruit per day as well for more fiber and nutrients.

Fat-loss diets

Generally, to lose weight, you have to eat about 500 fewer calories than you need to maintain your weight every day. Thus, someone who needs 2,000 calories per day to maintain his or her weight should eat 1,500 calories per day. The same rule applies for muscle-preservation diets. For a fat-loss diet, however, avoid sources of protein and carbohydrates with excess fat or sugar.

Eating 500 fewer calories than you need daily would translate to 3,500 calories per week, which equals 1 pound. Thus, on this traditional type of diet, you’d lose a pound per week, which is a healthy rate.

Success on either plan will require strict discipline to avoid tempting foods that are not lean proteins, vegetables, whole grains, and fruit.

Here is a sample of a meal plan to help you lose weight over 30 days. Stick strictly to a meal plan similar to this one every day, and you will be sure to lose weight.

1-Day Meal Plan

Breakfast: Lean protein, whole grain, fruit (e.g., half cup of egg whites, half cup of oatmeal, one banana)

Lunch: Lean protein, whole grain, green veggie (e.g., 3 ounces of tuna, 2 cups of spinach/romaine lettuce, half cup of chickpeas)

Snack: Lean protein, fruit (e.g., Greek yogurt, one apple)

Dinner: Lean protein, whole grain, vegetables (e.g., 4 ounces grilled chicken breast, 2 cups roasted veggies in olive oil, and 1 sweet potato)


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