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Perfect for most schedules, a 5-day workout plan can be the ideal foundation for your fitness goals. You can use this type of plan to target the muscles you are most concerned with or your favorite exercises.

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The 5-day workout plan has become very popular and carries a number of benefits. The plan gives your muscles adequate time to rest in between workouts because you only work each muscle group once per week, although some smaller muscle groups are recruited more than once. As rest is critical to muscle growth and health, this plan will not overwork you and will not create unnecessary risk of injury.


A number of factors will dictate exactly how you arrange your plan. Are you most interested in gaining muscle, losing fat, improving cardiovascular health, or a combination of all three? You also have to consider what your favorite exercises are. Depending on your preferences and your fitness goals, you will have to schedule different workouts on different days to avoid working out the same muscles too frequently. For example, you don’t won’t to go for a long jog the day after you do squats. This could put too much strain on your legs.

You also will want to avoid working out your shoulders or arms right after you work out your chest, and vice versa. Further, you should consider scheduling the more taxing exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses at the beginning of the week when you are more rested.

With these thoughts in mind, here is a great basic 5-day weightlifting schedule. This is designed to space out workouts to avoid overtraining and include all the major lifts to promote muscle growth and strength, but with only a minimal amount of cardio. You can move both rest days to the weekend to suit your schedule.

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