Download Insanity Workout Calendar – PDF

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Insanity Workout Calendar – PDF

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The Insanity Workout Calendar is a calendar that will assist you in completing the 60 day workout schedule. This calendar and a marker, so that you can mark off the days you have completed each section of the work out, may help you achieve what is claimed to be a “full body transformation.” Using the calendar will help you keep track of each day you’ve achieved completion of each workout. It will also include your rest day.

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Each week, the calendar will show you which workout you should select from the DVD collection and do on each day specified. For example:

  • Week One, Day One – You will do the Fit Test
  • Week One, Day Two – You will select the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.
  • Week One, Day Three – You will select and do the Cardio Power & Resistance workout.
  • Week One, Day Four – You will select and do the Cardio Recovery workout.
  • Week One, Day Five – You will do the Pure Cardio workout.
  • Week One, Day Six – You would again select and do the Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout.
  • Week One, Day Seven– You will rest and do no workout at all.

As you progress in the calendar, you will notice the change in selections.

It is recommended that you do each workout according to how the calendar has it set for you. Once you have completed each workout each day, you will simply take a black marker and “X” through each completed day and workout until you reach day 60.

With the “Deluxe” Insanity Workout Calendar, at the bottom of the 60 calendar days will also be provided various “Fit Tests.” You may also choose to monitor these activities within your workouts on the specified days as shown on the calendar.

**PLEASE BE ADVISED- This workout calendar and routine is not for everyone. This is a very strenuous and difficult workout schedule. You may wish to consult with your physician before beginning this exercise program to be certain that your physician will approve of this as a part of your particular exercise regimen.**

Download (PDF, 83KB)


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