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The AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Sign in Sheet will often carry a written explanation to AA representatives that the defendant or individual is required to attend AA meetings, and it will ask the group leader to sign the form attesting to the defendant’s attendance, but to only do so at the end of the meeting to ensure full participation.

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How to Write

The form will have a space for the defendant’s name, and often for the court case number, too. Below this, there will be one line to document his or her attendance at each meeting, which will be entered under columns for the Date, The Group’s Name, its Location, the Chair Person’s Name, and finally, the Chairperson’s signature.

In some jurisdictions, it is the defendant’s responsibility to report his or her attendance of the required AA meetings. In this case, there must be space at the top of the form for the defendant’s name as well as the probation officer’s name. There will be appropriate jurisdictional identifications, and a stern warning that falsifying or altering the completed AA Sign In sheet may constitute a criminal offense. There must be columns for the Group’s Name, the Date of the meeting, and its Time. In this case, only the signature of the defendant will be required. There will generally be on one line on the sheet for each meeting.

There is also a different type of AA Sign In Sheet, and it’s for the AA Bridging The Gap Program. Here, AA members who are sober and stable will sign up to help individuals who are leaving treatment or detoxification centers and who may want to join AA.

Typically, this type of AA Sign In Sheet will be divided into two columns, with room for the application of from eight to ten volunteers. There will be spaces for each volunteer to print his or her name and town, age, gender and phone number(s). Language abilities are also listed, as well as the name of the volunteer’s AA Group. Most importantly, the volunteer’s sobriety date must be included.

When people who want the help of AA leave their contact information on the organizations 800 number, a coordinator can use us this special type of AA Sign in sheet to match the seeker with an appropriate guide.

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