Download Applebee’s Job Application Form | Fillable PDF

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Applebee’s Job Application Form | Fillable PDF

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Applebee’s enjoys a good reputation for being a somewhat unconventional popular neighborhood establishment since it was founded in 1980 as TJ Applebee’s Edibles and Elixirs. Since then it has enjoyed a stellar reputation and grown to a company with over 2, 000 locations across North America. The atmosphere of the company can best be described as upbeat with a strong focus on friendly service. This makes it an attractive place to work for many and one can apply either in person at their locations or via online.

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How to Apply for a Job at Applebee’s


Applebee’s worker serving desert

In order to apply online, applicants need only go their webpage,, then click on the ‘Careers’ link near the bottom left of the page. This link will direct the browser to their careers area where one can read a few short introductions about working for Applebee’s. There will be three categories which one may choose from; hourly team members, restaurant management, support center/corporate office. Each category will require some input in order to enter that area. For instance, applicants interested in hourly service positions must first input their zip code to proceed. This will open a window with a list of available locations near the zip code they input. Once selecting an option the online application process will begin. No login is required to apply online for an hourly position as restaurant staff, this is a short straightforward application.

In order to select the other two categories, restaurant management and support center/corporate office, the applicant must first indicate whether they have been an Applebee’s employee or not. Once the appropriate answer is clicked, the browser will be directed to to display the available positions one may peruse for their selection. The online application process will be somewhat different in that applicants must have a profile in order to apply online in these areas. There is an opportunity to create a profile after selecting a desired position.

In order to create a company profile, applicants must copy and paste their resume to a text box then fill out their contact information. There is no reason to worry about the format of the resume as it is pasted in the textbox at this stage, the resume is being pasted to be entered and compared into their database. The next page will allow for a resume to be uploaded and for background information to be input for the purpose of applying for a position. This process should take about 20 minutes after which the applicant may submit their interest online.

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