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Auto Insurance Card Template

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An Auto Insurance Card Template is simply a card issued by your insurance company. It serves the purpose of providing proof that you carry auto insurance. It is also know as the car insurance card, and in most states, you must carry this card at all times while you are driving. The penalties for not being able to produce it when a police officer demands it can be quite severe, including a fine, possible arrest or impounding of the vehicle.

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The Auto Insurance Card Template is not to be confused with the SR-22/FR-44. These forms, too, are provided by the auto insurance company. They are, specifically, Certificates of Financial Responsibility (CFR) forms. Not everyone in every state needs to carry the SR-22/FR-44. The mandate is usually for those drivers previously convicted of DUI or reckless driving, and those who have caused accidents while not carrying auto insurance. Those who must carry these forms are usually notified of the necessity by the courts.

The exact form of the Auto Insurance Card Template will differ from state to state. There are also differences between the cards issued by the various Insurance groups. But there are also similarities.

What a Template Looks Like

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A typical auto insurance card will have the name of the automobile insurance company that issued it emblazoned boldly across the top. There will also be a company logo and a mailing address. The next line will be your name, the individual carrying the insurance. The next line will be the policy number of your insurance contract. The next line will name the model year of the card being insured, and the manufacturer’s name. The same line will contain the effective period of the insurance. The line below that might contain the model number and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car. In some instances, the name, phone number, and the company ID Number of the agent who sold you the policy will also be listed.

The next section of the Auto Insurance Card Template will describe, in some detail, the features of the automobile insurance policy that it represents. It will note whether such features as Bodily Injury and Property Damages are covered. It will also note the deductibles for Collision and Comprehensive coverage. Other details may also be spelled out, often on the other side of the card.

It is important to note that many insurance companies neglect to mail policyholders new Auto Insurance Card Templates to represent any changes made by either party to the policy in effect. The companies also sometimes neglect to send new cards for policies that automatically renew. Thus, it is important for drivers to be alert, because while carrying an out-of-date-card is generally not as serious as carrying none at all or a false one, it can still lead to unpleasant consequences or, at least, delays or inconveniences.

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