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Blank Greeting Card Template

It’s easy to drop by the store and buy a greeting card, but it’s also easy to create your own, even without great artistic skill. Making your own greeting cards will add a warm, personal touch that the recipient will appreciate and that will distinguish you and your card.

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In addition to being more meaningful to the recipient, you can use a variety of software to create a greeting card that looks just as attractive as store-bought cards.

The Recipient

The first thing to do is consider the occasion and the person you’re sending the card to. For example, a Father’s Day card should express your heartfelt appreciation for your father and could include text or graphics related to your relationship with him or his interests. If you are both nature lovers and enjoy the outdoors together, for instance, you can use graphics and text that reflect nature.

Format and Style

Next, consider the tone and format of the card. You can make your text humorous or lighthearted if it suits your personalities. Everyone loves to laugh. You can be very creative with the format. You can simply fill out the front of the card with a single image that fits your message, or you can use any combination of images and text. One effective and creative design is to place a few photos of the recipient and yourself together on the front of the card with accompanying text, which will make the recipient think of your relationship fondly.

You can also choose a traditional bi-fold card, a card with no folds, or a tri-fold card, depending on how much you want to include in the card.

Graphics and Text

Even if you’re not adept with InDesign or Photoshop, you can still find a huge range of appropriate images on the Internet and then insert them into a document using commonly available office software. You can also insert boxes of text so you can write over the images as well. Microsoft Office programs, for example, let you insert images and then overlay them with text without much difficulty. You can adjust the size of the images to fit the card neatly and arrange an attractive composition.

To create a card with a traditional size, see whether the program you’re using has a greeting card template, or otherwise revise your images and text to fit a 5-by-7-inch space. Greeting cards typically align text in the center, and you should be sure to include some empty space to contrast with the images and text.


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