Download Baby Shower Invitation Templates

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Use the baby shower invitation template to gather your friends and loved ones to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

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A baby shower is a wonderful occasion, but it is not a complicated event, so your invitation will not be very difficult to write. Nevertheless, relying on a template to help guide your writing is a great way to spend less time with technicalities of the invitation, and more time personalizing it. As the shower is a gathering of close friends and family, personalizing the invitations can add a touch of warmth that makes everyone look forward to the event more. Also, creating your own invitations from templates can be a fun way to exercise your creativity or technical skills.

How to Write a Baby Shower Invitation

The first aspect to consider is the shower/invitation theme. For example, a shower could have a fantasy theme where the guests could bring baby gifts like clothes or toys involving fantasy elements like dragons, fairies, or castles. In this case, you could find an invitation template with a fantasy theme, perhaps with a princess on the margins, to complement the shower. Alternatively, you could create this type of themed invitation from scratch.

Instead of a design based on a theme, your invitations could feature a basic art design, such as a large solid-color section and then a smaller multi-colored section at one of the margins for a simple, sleek-looking invitation.

On the front of the card, you will write the name of your baby to be and the address of the shower. Then on the inside of the card, you write that the recipient is invited to the shower for the soon-to-be baby, using the baby’s name, followed by the date, the location, and its address.

Then you will skip a line, and instruct the recipient to RSVP by a certain date, perhaps 2 to 3 weeks before the shower, and write the address or phone number where they may RSVP. Finally, you can state where your baby is registered, such as Baby Style, so your guests know where to shop for the gift and what to get.

Here is a baby shower invitation example to give you a clearer picture of what yours could look like. Remember, you can alter the language to incorporate your personality or theme, and with several applications, you can insert relevant art to add detail to your invitations.

Please join us for a baby shower in honor of

Jessica Sanders

Saturday, October 14

Two o’clock in the afternoon

4378 Broad Street

Knoxville, TN 37917


RSVP (888) 456-7890
Registered at Target

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