Download Graduation Invitation Templates

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Use to the graduation invitation template inform friends and family of the celebration of all your hard work. As with other events, it’s good to use printed invitations because these are more likely to persuade people to attend your graduation ceremony than less formal methods of invitation, and they can let you show some style as well.

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How to Make/Use a Graduation Invitation Template

Many graduation invitation templates will let you customize them by adding your photo, graphics relating to graduation such as an academic graduation cap, or you can opt for a simple design. Using a nice photo of yourself helps to personalize the invitation and show your personality a bit. What’s more, using an invitation template can help you save money.

Graduation invitations often look fun, with graduation caps, bright colors, and other celebratory accessories like confetti. More formal-looking invitations look great too. These can feature sleek cursive writing and classic colors like black, white, and gold.

A typical graduation invitation will have a picture of the graduate on it, “Class of 20XX” in big bold font, followed by the graduate’s full name, a short message inviting the recipient to the graduation, the date, time, and address of the graduation, and then a request for recipients to RSVP.

Below is an example of a template for a graduation invitation. To customize it, you could align all the text to one side, and then fill the remaining space with a picture of yourself. You could also find graduation-related art to add for some flair. Experiment with different fonts as well. Gothic font, for example, can add a formal look to your invitations.


CLASS OF 20___

University of Ohio

Join us to celebrate the graduation of Edward Martin

Saturday, May ___, 20___ at 1:00 p.m.

Franklin Hall, 20 University Way, Athens, OH

RSVP to Jennifer at (222) 333-4444 by May 17

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