Download Boat Bill of Sale Form | PDF | Word

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Boat Bill of Sale Form | PDF | Word

Use this generic boat bill of sale template to record a sale of a vessel between a purchaser and a seller. The document also allows for the sale of a trailer, if included, along with fill-in-the-blanks for all details. All parties involved must authorize this agreement in order for it to be considered legally binding.

How to Write

Boat Bill of Sale | PDF | RTF | Word

Boat/Trailer Bill of Sale | PDF | RTF | Word


The buyer and seller should fill in the following information to complete the document;

  • Name of Purchaser(s)
  • Date of Sale
  • Total Purchase Price (For boat, outboard engine(s), and trailer)
  • Sale Includes ________ with a breakdown for the Vessel, Outboard Motor, and Trailer
  • Description of Vessel including;
    • Make
    • Year
    • Length
    • Title Number (#)
    • Hull ID Number (#)
    • Registration Number (#)
  • Description of Trailer including;
  • Make
  • Year
  • Length
  • Empty Weight
  • ID/Serial Number (#)
  • License Plate Number (#) if applicable
  • Signature Area

Make sure both parties authorize the document and it is recommended to have a notary public or witness be present at the time of signing.