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Business Proposal Template | PDF | RTF | Word

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A business proposal is critical to success as a document that is used to communicate business services to potential clients. The proposal must explain precisely how your business will fulfill the client’s requirements cogently and persuasively.

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Putting a good deal of thought and preparation into creating the proposal is critical to its effectiveness. Broadly, the most important goals of the proposal are to articulate the client’s primary needs, how your business will resolve those needs, and how much your services will cost. Thus, much of your time should go towards understanding the client’s industry and business.

How to Write

1. Research

If possible, interviewing the client is a great way to understand the client’s needs to supplement your research. Query what the client’s overall business goals are so you can consider how this particular proposal would further those goals. Understanding the client’s timetable and technical requirements will also let you decide whether you have the time and expertise to complete the work.

Investigating the company’s internal operations and business philosophies is another great way to develop a specific feel for the client. Find out how this company is different from its competitors as well. All of these steps will help you determine the client’s goal and how it wants to reach it, in addition to how you can help them reach it.

2. Develop a Solution

Now that you understand intricately the client’s goals, you can begin to design an effective solution. Here, you should step into your potential client’s shoes to understand what solution would work best for them, and why they would pick you over your competitors, including why your fee is reasonable.

You will need to highlight your strengths, and minimize any potential weaknesses the client would find in your business, all of which will help you separate yourself from your competition.

3. Writing

With the above work finished, you can now write your proposal. Review the proposal several times to ensure it fulfills the client’s requirements completely, and of course, edit it to correct any grammatical or spelling errors, in addition to removing any superfluous information. Conveying how your business will meet the client’s needs intelligently and cogently will give you the best chance to win their business.

Here is a business proposal template to help you get started writing your own:

Executive Summary

[Grab the reader’s attention and keep this section to about one page in length. Describe your business’s mission and overview your products and services.]

I. General Company Description

[Reviews your company’s goals, philosophy, and industry]



Business Philosophy:

Industry Description

II. Products and Services

[Describe your products or services in depth and list them]

Competitive advantages/disadvantages

IV. Marketing Plan

[Consider the size of your market, demand for your product, trends, growth opportunity, customers, competition, promotion, etc.]

V. Sales Forecast

[Detailed monthly projection]

VI. Operational Plan

[Daily operation of the business, people, processes, environment]

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