Download California LLC Operating Agreement Templates | PDF | Word

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It is required in the State of California that all limited liability companies (LLC) have an operating agreement upon formation.


The document sets the rules and parameters of what the company must abide by and in the case of multi-member companies (Member means an owner) lists the following;

  • Capital Contributions
  • Percentage of Ownership (Does not operate like corporations where they are owned by shares, companies are owned by a percentage listed in this form)
  • Allocations and Distributions
  • Management
  • Accounts and Accounting
  • Membership, Meetings, Voting Rights, and Indemnity
  • Transfers of Membership Interest
  • Dissolution
  • Noncompete Disclosure and Confidentiality
  • Arbitration
  • Attorney-in-Fact and Agent
  • General Provisions
  • Consent of Spouse or Domestic Partner