Download LLC Operating Agreement Forms

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Download LLC (Limited Liability Company) operating agreements for single or multi membered companies that are compatible for all 50 States. These forms allow a person to be able to separate themselves from their/an entity and help protect their assets from being considered personal.

States that require an LLC Operating Agreement;

  • Single Member LLC Operating Agreement – Use this legal document to establish your LLC (Limited Liability Company) and protect yourself to ensure that no court or ruling can argue that your company is not just a shield to protect your assets. Many cases when people try to sue they will try and seek damages by attaching your personal property. This form will help further prove your case that in fact your entity is real and this operating agreement helps make that designation.

  • Multi Member LLC Operating Agreement –  This document sets the rules and terms of how the LLC (Limited Liability Company) will be run. Other members (owners), directors, managers, and officers of the company must follow the guidelines as written. This form helps protect the members from each other and the main reason this agreement is made is to set the percentage of who owns what and what (if any) are the purchase and sale procedures of the entity.