Download Chipotle Fax Order Form – Adobe PDF

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Download and complete the official Chipotle order form or apps to fax or order online to any location in the United States. This is especially preferred for larger orders and you can find any fax number using the Chipotle Locator. Use the menu to view prices.

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4 Ways to Order From Chipotle

1. Online Ordering

Go to the Chipotle Website and place an order at any location.


2. Call in an Order

Find a Chipotle by using this directory and place a take-out order.


3. Order on the App

Download the Chipotle app for your phone from either the iTunes Store or from Android (Google play). Go through the menu screens and select which type of meal you would like including;

  • Burrito
  • Burrito Bowl
  • Tacos
  • Salad

From there you may decide to order now, look at nutritional or allergen information. Once you have decided what you want in your meal you will have to turn your location services on and find a Chipotle. If it is a single order it will usually be ready in about ten (10) minutes and from there you can pick it up or eat at the establishment.

4. Fax Order Form

Use this order form to be able to fax to any Chipotle a future request for takeout that will be picked up. A typical order takes between 15 to 20 minutes.

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