Download Colorado Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Power of attorney in Colorado allows a resident to select anyone they would like to represent their interests for any financial or medical decision. The form does not become void in the event the Principal becomes incapacitated so make sure that the person selected can be trusted. According to the newest power of attorney law, As of December 31, 2009 all documents will be considered ‘durable’ unless otherwise stated. For any questions concerning your rights it is advised to read the full Colorado Uniform Power of Attorney Act.

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  • Durable Financial – Use to choose an agent to have the right to act in your place for any financial decision that can be made on your behalf. Must be authorized in front of a notary public and kept in a safe accessible place to be easily accessed for use.
  • Medical – Allows you to designate someone else to manage your health care treatments in the chance you cannot do so for yourself. You will be able to state in the document exactly what decisions your representative can make. In order for this document to be legal all parties must sign in front of a notary public and with a clear and stable mind.
  • Tax (DR-0145) – Attach this document to a tax filing if you have selected someone else to handle your tax filing in Colorado. This is only valid for that specific tax year and only for the Colorado Department of State.
  • Motor Vehicle – Allows a resident of Colorado to choose someone else to handle their vehicle in reference to selling or registering/titling within the State.
  • Parental (Minor Child) – Permits a parent to allow someone else the power to take care of their child as well as make medical and school related decisions.


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