Download Michigan Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Michigan Power of Attorney Forms and Templates

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Michigan power of attorney lets a resident (“principal”) choose a person (“agent”) to handle their financial or medical decisions on his or her behalf. All decisions made must be to the benefit of the principal and the document must be authorized in the presence of a notary or two (2) witnesses to be legal.

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  • Durable Financial – Use to select a trusted person to be able to handle any type of financial situation (Example: Selling a car, cashing checks, paying bills, etc.) to your benefit. The agent must always carry this document at all times if he or she is to be accepted to act in the presence of the principal.
  • Medical – Use to designate a person to represent your health care needs for your best interests. This document is popular among marriages, family members, and business partners as a way to let someone else take care of a medical related decision on your behalf in case you may not be able to do so for yourself.
  • Tax – Allows a person to be able to choose an Agent that is a professional to file taxes with the Department of Treasury in Michigan. This form will probably be in a stack of documents your tax attorney or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) will want you to authorize and is only valid for that specific year.
  • Motor Vehicle – Type of power of attorney allows a person who owns a vehicle or boat in the State of Michigan to give someone else whom they choose the unlimited rights to handle it’s title. The selected person may be able to do any action that he or she feels is in your best interest such as sell, register, or get title for the vehicle, boat, or mobile home.
  • Parental POA Over a Minor Child – Permits a family member within the State to have guardianship control over the child’s school and medical decisions. The period cannot be more than six (6) months without being renewed if the situation is to continue.
  • Revocation Form – Document is used to cancel any existing power of attorney document. Complete and sign with a notary present to begin handing out copies to let all third (3rd) parties know that the previously signed power of attorney form is no longer valid for use.


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