Download Commercial Invoice Templates – USPS – FedEx – UPS – DHL

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Commercial Invoice Templates – USPS – FedEx – UPS – DHL

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  • *The USPS version now must be ordered online as per the unique barcode on every slip
  • *If shipping internationally, the sender will need to complete and attach Form 2976-A (You do not this form for either First-Class Mail International® items or Priority Mail International Flat Rate™ Envelopes if the weight is less than sixteen (16) ounces and less than 3/4″ thick. The package must also only contain documents.)

The mail commercial invoice templates refer to domestic or international shipping through a major mailing company. The form must be filled in to be considered for customs.

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In order for the form to be accepted the following must be provided;

  • Date of Exportation
  • Shipper’s Export References Examples include: order number, invoice number, etc.
  • Shipper/Exporter Information
  • Consignee Information
  • Country of Export
  • Importer – If Other Than Consignee
  • Reason for Export
  • Country of Ultimate Destination
  • Full Description of Goods
  • HS Code
  • Quantity (if any)
  • Total Value of Product

There may be other information required as every country has different shipping methods.


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