Download USPS Job Application Form | Fillable Adobe PDF

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USPS Job Application Form | Fillable Adobe PDF

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How to Apply

  1. Download Application – Turn this form in to the location you seek to be employed and ask to speak with the Supervisor on duty. He or she will let you know if there are any positions available and let you know the next steps that need to be taken to be employed.
  2. Apply Online – Follow the steps and and select the position you would like.
  3. Call 1-866-999-8777.

Although, the United States Postal Service did not officially begin operations until 1971, it has existed in one form or another since Benjamin Franklin, using the Continental Congress, appointed the first Post Master in 1775. Since then the postal service has reliably delivered packages and letters across the country and eventually the world. Employees of the United States Post Office enjoy a renowned job security which is known far and wide. This makes the United States Post Office an attractive destination for job hunters.

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A USPS worker on the job

One can apply to a variety of positions with the United States Post Office through their site. Applicants may eventually have to take an exam depending on the position but only if their application passes approval and they are invited to take an exam. To begin, Applicants may go to then click on the ‘Careers’ link at the bottom of the page. This will direct the browser to an introduction page explaining what it is like to work in the USPS and the benefits involved. There are several links which will provide information to interested applicants. There is a link to ‘Search Jobs’ and ‘Apply Online’ near the top right of the page. Once clicked this will open a pop up job search window.

Here, applicants may choose to search for available opportunities by state and job title. That is, one can select administration in NY for their search. There is a choice to select only one criteria or none. Applicants may opt to keep the criteria blank if they wish to maximize the search results. The search results may be filtered or put into ascending or descending order according to position, location or job function. This may be very handy since an unfiltered search may yield a considerable amount of opportunities. Job openings will appear in a frame and once clicked will direct the page to a pdf of the job description page where one can view the information regarding the position as well as the salary and requirements. There is an apply button to the top left of this page and once clicked the applicant will be required to create an account to apply. Once an account has been created an applicant may then apply. This process will walk the applicant through several questions and then allow for a chance to upload a cover letter and resume.

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