Download DS -160 Non-Immigrant Visa Application

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A DS-160 form is an online Nonimmigrant Application which must be completed if you desire travel to the United States. The information will be sent to the Department of State and will be reviewed by a Consular Officer to determine your eligibility to enter the United State on a temporary nonimmigrant visa. A personal interview will be required.

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How to Apply

Step 1 – Review Frequently Asked Questions for Instructions Here.

Step 2 – Complete Online Application.

Step 3 – Print and Retain The DS-160 Barcode Page. The barcode page that will be presented is all that you need, you will not need to retain copy of the application.

Step 4 – Schedule Your Visa Interview – You MUST locate and visit the United States Embassy or Consulate where you will interview for specific instruction with regard to the country you will be visiting. You may locate that information here.

  • You will have to visit the website to schedule your appointment as no one with the Department of State will do this for you.

Step 5 – Pay Your Application Fee – You will also need to visit the U.S. Embassy website  to locate the fees required and the instructions for payment with the country you wish to visit.

  • Be certain to properly supply all required information to avoid denials or delays.
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