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A cover letter written in an email will largely follow the same format you would use for a cover letter typed into a document, except for a few minor changes.

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To begin, you should write the title of the job into the subject field of the email, unless the job ad requests that you write something else as the subject. Thus, you won’t need to include the “Re: [Job title]” line in the body of the message.

The second change is that you will not use the personal contact information headings in an email cover letter. Instead, you will begin the body of the letter with the salutation, “Dear Hiring Manager:” or ideally “Dear Mr./Ms. [last name]” if you know the person you’re addressing.

The rest of the message should follow the format and content requirements of a cover letter typed in a document. However, you can include personal contact information after the closing with an email signature. This will add a professional touch to your email.

Body of the Cover Letter Email

Your introduction should be a concise two- to three-sentence statement about how you’d make a great fit for the position and why you are attracted to it. Include compelling but professional language that will convey your skillset and enthusiasm effectively.

For the next one or two paragraphs, describe in detail and with examples how your skills fulfill the requirements of the position. Make sure this section goes into more detail than the job descriptions on your resume. You want to provide detailed, relevant evidence that shows you can perform the position.

Finally, end your letter by restating your enthusiasm for the position and stating that you’d like to discuss the position in person. Then underneath this write “Sincerely,” or “Best regards,” followed by your name. Underneath this, you can include an email signature with your name, street address, city, state, and zip code, email address, and your phone number.

Here is a template for a cover letter written in the body of an email:

Dear Mr./Ms. ________________________________:

First paragraph: [Condense how your experience qualifies you for the position, and briefly state why you want to work in this particular position.]

Second (and perhaps third) paragraph: [Go into specific experience that shows you are a great fit for the employer’s needs.]

Third (or fourth) paragraph: [Express interest in discussing the position in person, and thank the reader for his or her consideration.]



Street address
City, State zip code
email address
phone number

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