Download Fax Cover Letter Template | Fillable PDF | Word | RTF

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Fax Cover Letter Template | Fillable PDF | Word | RTF

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A fax cover letter or cover sheet is a simple document to create or complete. But there is some essential information that you have to include in it, so it’s wise to use a pre-made template that has all of this information.

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You and your colleagues can lose a lot of time if you do not receive or send faxes with accurate information in a timely fashion. Obviously if you fail to include a return fax number, the recipient might not be able to respond as soon as preferable. Including the number of pages will assure the recipient that he or she received the entire fax. Other information such as whether the fax requires urgent attention or whether additional parties should be CC’d can be critical to ensuring all relevant parties collaborate quickly and effectively.

How to Use a Fax Cover Letter

You can use the template below for most businesses and organizations, although court systems and other organizations will have their own official cover sheets that include more detailed information. You can also include more information such as the sender and recipient’s phone numbers. “RE:” is where you will type or write the subject of the fax. Below this section, you can designate a fax “Urgent” or ask the recipient to reply by placing a check mark beside the desired message.

Here is a sample fax cover sheet:

Fax Cover Sheet

[Company name]

ATTENTION: [Recipient’s name]                                             FROM: [Sender’s name]


SEND FAX: [Fax number]                                                           PAGES: [number]


RETURN FAX: [Your fax number]                                          DATE: [Current date]
RE:                                                                                                        CC:

¤Urgent                 ¤For Review                 ¤Please Comment                    ¤Please Reply           ¤Please Recycle




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