Download Firearm/Gun Bill of Sale Form | PDF | Word

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Use the gun bill of sale form anywhere in the United States in order transfer a firearm from one person to another. Once signed along with a copy of identification the sale is complete and each party should keep an original for his or her records.

How to Transfer

Gun Bill of Sale

According to federal law, all States are required to make their own gun laws. Purchasers may sometimes need to be checked to ensure that their backgrounds do not prohibit them from the ownership of a gun. Most States require permits for concealed weapons.

  • How to Write

The document should be filled-in by the buyer and seller stating the following;

  • Name of Each Party
  • Serial Number
  • Type of Gun/Model
  • Caliber
  • Purchase Price
  • Photo Identification
  • Signature

Both parties must also initial to agree to hold each other harmless over the use of the weapon and that the parties are following all State and Federal laws. After signature and the transfer of the weapon the transaction is complete.