Download Florida SunPass Applications – Personal and Commercial

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The Florida SunPass is an electronic payment system developed by the Department of Transportation to drive highways and freeways  with toll free payment. There are usually designated lanes meant for drivers with a SunPass mounted to their windshield or dashboard that automatically makes payment when going through a desginated toll area.

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  • SunPass Login
  • Contact SunPass (7AM to 7PM)

    • E-Mail
    • Phone – 1-888-TOLL FLA (1-888-865-5352)
    • Fax – 1-888-265-1725

How to Apply For a SunPass

Step 1 – Choose which type of an account you will be applying for, Personal or Commercial.

Step 2 – Fill-out the application either *Online (*Only for Personal Accounts) or in paper version by using one of the applications;

Step 3 – When filling out the application, you will have to decide how many portable or mini transponders you would like to purchase. Once you have decided you will need to attach a check or write in your credit card details in the amount of the quantity plus the amount of credit you would like to put on your account ($25.00 Minimum).

  • Portable Transponder – $25.00
  • Mini Transponder – $4.99

*If writing a check, make payable to the Florida Department of Transportation

Step 4 – Once complete, you will need to send the application either in the fax or to the following address;

  • Commercial Accounts
    • Fax – 1-888-265-1725
    • Mailing Address  New Enrollments – Commercial Accounts, SunPass Prepaid Toll Program, PO Box 880029 Boca Raton, Florida 33488-0029
  • Personal Accounts
    • Fax – 1-888-265-1725
    • Mailing Address  New Enrollments, SunPass Prepaid Toll Program, PO Box 880029 Boca Raton, Florida 33488-0029


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