Download Fillable Form I-130 | Petition for Alien Relative Immigration to U.S.

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A USCIS I-130 form is used for the purpose of sponsoring a relative of your immediate family for entry into the US. This would include sponsoring a sibling, child, spouse or parent for United States alien residency. As you have obtained the form and have it before you, you must read through the instructions carefully before you will be able to complete this form. It is important that you do not place any marks in the top box as this box is only for the sole use of the USCIS. In box A you will identify the relationship you have to whom you are petitioning. As well, you need to specify as to whether this is an adoptive or natural relationship. Again, remember you must complete a form i-130 for each individual you will petition for.

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Steps to Completing USCIS Form I-130

  1. Provide your name, current address and telephone number for contact. As well, you must provide your date of birth and the status of your residency where you were born.
  2. Be certain that you provide any information that will apply to you personally.
  3. You must provide all of the same information that would apply to your relative in box C. This box will require additional information regarding the relative you are petitioning for on the second page.
  4. You will need to provide names of any of your relatives immediate family to include any children they have in box 17. Lines 18 and 19 must contain where your relative currently resides and where they will reside within the US. If the individual’s name contains any letters other than Roman letters, you must write their name on line 20 in their own native language. You must provide, in box D, any additional information, if it applies, with regard to your petition for your relative, respectively.
  5. List the names of any other relatives you will file i-130 forms on behalf of.
  6. You must indicate whether or not you have ever completed i-30 forms for any of your other relatives in the past. Once you have completed your i-130 form or forms, you must certify the form or forms with your signature at the bottom of the form (s).
  7. If anyone has assisted you in the completion of this form, they too, must certify that they have knowledge of any of the information you have provided, by signing the form in box F.
  • Direct Filing – If you will be filing yourself on behalf of your relative you would select a mailing address here

*Always be certain to check your information for accuracy. If someone has completed the form for you, go over the information with that person. Complete accuracy assists you in avoiding requests for further information or delays.*

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