Download Indiana Power of Attorney Forms and Templates – PDF – Word

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Indiana Power of Attorney Forms and Templates – PDF – Word

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Indiana power of attorney forms allow a person to choose another, or ‘Agent’, to handle any type of financial, medical, vehicle, or tax related matters on behalf of the person, or ‘Principal’. When writing the document, it is important to select a person that is a trusted individual as the agent will be able to make decisions in the principal’s best interest. In the case of financial matters, all monetary proceeds must always be transferred to the principal. The principal is allowed to select a secondary agent if they feel the need. It is recommended that all forms be signed in front of a notary public to ensure it’s legality.

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  • Durable (General) Financial – Allows a person to have the unlimited power to make financial decisions on behalf of someone else. Once the form is completed and signed in front of a notary public, the document may be used without permission from the Principal, as long as it is done in the person being represented best interest. All proceeds must go to the Principal.
  • Medical – This legal document allows for a person in Indiana to elect a health care representative to be responsible for making any and all medical decisions if the Principal cannot speak for him or herself. Must be notarized in order for use and it is advised that the person selected be a trusted family member or friend. If the principal would like to set only their end of life treatment options he or she may choose to complete a living will.
  • Vehicle – Allows a person to let someone else that he or she selects to make any type of decision pertaining to their vehicle located in Indiana. The Agent selected has the power to Register, get Title, and sell the vehicle in the best interest of the Principal. This form must be signed in front of a Notary Public in order for it to be accepted.
  • Tax (Form 49357) – Allows a person residing in Indiana to authorize someone else to handle their tax filing with the Department of Revenue. It is recommended that the person selected has a vast amount of knowledge about the tax code in the State.


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